Unit 2. Learning Evidence Portfolio.

What needs or areas of improvement and learning have I detected in my teaching?

One of my areas of concern is the integration of ICT resources which are meaningful, sensible and contribute to the students' knowledge. It is paramount to highlight that these tools may also encourage students to work with their English outside school, thus contributing to a better self-image towards English as a foreign language as well as its suitability as a lingua franca.

What projects have I found that might help me?

Among the many interesting projects, communities and tools featured in the curation, I would like to remark the following ones:

1. Is this castle haunted? https://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/projects/project.cfm?id=101319
On castles. Really fun, creative and interesting.

2. Mirror, mirror... https://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/projects/project.cfm?id=108818
On self-image. Very transversal and universal topic.

3. More than toys. https://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/projects/project.cfm?id=107568
On traditional toys. Very accessible and features lots of depth.